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  • Forming Your Real Estate Investing Business

    This is the first step in becoming a successful real estate investor.  You MUST have a business… not a hobby, and forming your business correctly is the ONLY way that you will take it seriously.  This section teaches you step by step how to go about registering your business with your state and the other vital steps you need to take.

  • Writing Your Real Estate Investing Business Plan

    No matter what you think, EVERY business NEEDS a business plan.  Going without a business plan is like driving across country to a place you’ve never been without any directions or a map.  You might get where you want to go… but I can guarantee you that it’ll take you way longer, be more expensive, and will drive you crazy.  This section walks you step by step through the process of writing your real estate investing business plan.

  • Creating Your Web Presence To Effectively Bring In More Prospects

    Nowadays pretty much EVERY business in the world can benefit from having a website and great internet marketing strategy.  Today, real estate investors NEED a website to be competitive and can truly help you dominate your local market with the right website and marketing plan.  This section walks you through the process of setting up your real estate investing website so it’s effective (a lot of the “guru” sold websites are pretty… but ineffective as you’ll learn).

  • Marketing: Finding Buyers, Sellers, Prospects, and Business Partners

    Marketing is the lifeblood of EVERY business alive.  Just try running a successful business (including real estate investing) without a solid market plan… it won’t happen.  In this section you’ll learn ways to market your real estate investing business that work in today’s market and set yourself apart from your competition.

  • Managing Your Finances and Taxes As A Real Estate Investor

    While it’s cool getting those big checks from flipping a property… or seeing that passive income come in each and every month from your rentals… it can be a real pain if you don’t keep your finances in order correctly.  In this section you’ll learn effective methods, programs, and tips on how to manage your finances the best… including ways to potentially save yourself taxes in the end.