Who the heck are we and what are we all about?

What is The REI Brain?

The REI Brain is simply an online resource and community for a huge stockpile of FREE real estate investing and life success information, tools, resources, tutorials, products, and much more!

I gather some of the best information from normal people like you who are already successful in their own right as well as from a select few “gurus” out there that I have actually reviewed on several different criteria including:

  • Actionability of the content and any products they might sell (this means… can you immediately use whatever info they give out?  Some “gurus” like to give you 60% of what you need to know… so you’ll buy a course for the other 40%… this is a bunch of crap I think)
  • Integrity and Trustworthiness of the content and the person giving the content.  Is this person someone I would invite over to have dinner with my family and feel comfortable calling my friend?  If not… they don’t make the cut here on The REI Brain.  If so… you can rest assured that they are cool people who are out to make a difference (a good difference that is!) in peoples lives.
  • Is the content UNbiased? Biased content can really lead some people in the wrong direction.  By biased I mean… does the information or person giving it have a hidden agenda behind what they say (i.e. – will make money off of something if you buy… but don’t tell you that)
  • Is the content up to date and complete? The big name real estate investing gurus on TV really give the industry a bad name.  They create these $500 courses with $15,000 “mentorship programs” based on information and techniques that worked in the last real estate market… but don’t necessarily work today.   Also, is the content complete and does not tease you with half of the info… only to hard sell you on a $900 course later on to get the “whole deal”?  I don’t like that one bit…
  • Is the content of EXTREMELY HIGH VALUE? This is a biggie.  There is too much crap out there both paid and free content in the real estate investing world.  I won’t name names… but certain “No Money Down” gurus selling courses on TV charge way too much for very basic real estate investing information.Not only that, but it is hard to find quality free real estate investing resources on the internet that are worth your time to even take 10 minutes out of your day to read.  How do I know??  I did it for 2 years… and smartened up once I actually got my ass in gear and started investing in real estate… rather than reading articles that didn’t get me anywhere.

Your time is one of the most valuable resources you have… don’t you want to be sure that you’re spending it on resources that will give you the greatest value for your time?  Heck yes you do.

Why is it called “The REI Brain”?

It’s called The REI Brain for two reasons. There are two sides to real estate investing. The technique/business side and the mental side. Without one the other doesn’t mean a whole lot.

1. REI (Real Estate Investors) Brain signifies the wealth of knowledge about real estate investing that our site holds and constantly produces.
2. REI Brain signifies our different approach to help real estate investors to get their mental approach right to maximize their results and long term success.

Too often you see the real estate guru’s out there pitching the “next big idea or technique” and don’t say a darn thing about how the people have to mentally fit in order to reach true success and fulfilledness. There truly is a science to becoming successful and the mind plays a huge (perhaps the most important) role.

Think about it... if you know every real estate investing technique in and out but don’t have confidence in yourself, don’t know what you want in life or business, don’t know how to get over your fears, or your mind is programmed for mediocrity rather than success… you will have a very difficult time being truly successful. Sure, you might make some money; but you won’t be truly successful and living your ideal life.

Take care of the mind first… then tackle the techniques.

Why Listen to The REI Brain?

Because I used to be YOU… me and the other experts are just a little farther down the road in our own journeys in real estate and life success. Our team is made up of fellow real estate investors, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and the normal joe just like yourself.

We understand what new and experienced investors face and how to navigate smoothly through the obstacles. We understand that the hardest part of becoming a successful real estate investor is…


…and know how to help you get over the “first deal jitters” and how to conquer your mind.
Who is The REI Brain?

Well… there is really no one proclaiming to be the all knowing “REI Brain”. However, The REI Brain is much like a real brain. The real brain has different parts that are all geared to do one specific thing very well… and with all parts of the brain combined it knows how to do many things well in unison.

The REI Brain is made up of people from all walks of life who are very good at what they do and know. Whether it be someone who knows how to help people gain focus in their lives… or someone who is an expert in investing in real estate foreclosures… or someone who knows how to start and run a business… we’ve got it all here under one roof (or one skull you might say). Individually our team members can teach you part of what you need to know about using real estate investing to achieve true life success… but together you get the ENTIRE PICTURE from one source and have laser focused vision on how to get where you want to go.