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5 Craigslist Marketing Strategies To Generate More Cash Buyer Leads Than You Know What To Do With

What would you do if you found yourself with more cash buyer leads than you knew what to do with? … I hope your answer would be that you’ll do more real estate deals! For turn key real estate investors, wholesalers, and even house flippers… … Cash Buyer Leads Are where Your Money Is Whenever […]

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Where 13,298 Real Estate Investing Leads In 30 Days Came From (screenshots and all)

“How do your members generate all of those leads?” –   the question we are asked all the time over at our sister company Carrot. It’s not an easy answer in one sentence, so  we’re going to dive in on this blog post to walk through where the leads our members are pulling in are coming […]

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Behind The Data: Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Ramp Up Your Online Motivated Seller Leads

Just like with farming, seasons matter in business. If you own a ski resort… seasons matter big time. If you are a landscaper… seasons matter. And if you are a real estate investor or agent… seasons matter. A few months back I wrote a blog post about the seasonality of real estate investor leads and […]

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Does The Bounce Rate On Your Website Really Matter?

At least a half dozen times a week I get emails from our  subscribers asking a question like… “I see my bounce rate is 72% and that seems high. Is it? And does the bounce rate on my website really matter?” First off… you may be wondering what a “bounce rate” for a real estate […]

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What Is A Good Conversion Rate For A Real Estate Investors Website?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “conversion rate” tossed around quite a bit over the last year or two. And that can be a great thing… or a bad thing. Great… if the information the person or website is telling you is accurate… not so great if it’s inaccurate and you follow their advice blindly without […]

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