Marketing – Finding Buyers, Sellers, and Partners


When I ask most real estate investors what business they are in… 90% of the time they say something like, “I’m a real estate investor”… or, “I’m in the real estate business”.

Hmmm… is that right? Nope.

No matter what you think, we as real estate investors are in the marketing business… with real estate and the particular service we offer as an extension of our marketing efforts.

Every business in this world is in the marketing business and markets a particular product or service to a prospective target market.   However, most entrepreneurs (especially real estate investors) fail to realize the importance of marketing… and either struggle or quit before they discover this fact.

So, concentrate a large portion of your effort and resources on effective marketing and you’ll see your real estate investing business grow like never before. Marketing is the main differentiator between mediocre investors… and savvy investors.

In this section browse through the marketing articles, resources, tools, and templates and implement some of them into your business today.

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  • Real Estate Investing Marketing Articles – Main Site

    Check out the link above to read our latest articles to help you master the art of marketing your real estate investing business.  We add a few marketing related articles a month… so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.

  • Real Estate Investing Marketing Tips – From Our Blog

    We started our blog far before we focused on building up our main site.  So, our blog contains over 180 articles on real estate investing… and some of them are on marketing.  Check out the real estate marketing tips articles from our blog.

  • Real Estate Investing Speaking Scripts

    Not everyone is a natural born salesman.  We all need a bit of coaching and a guide when we are trying to get the hang of talking with buyers and sellers for the first time. In this section you’ll find some proven speaking scripts that actual real estate investors have used to effectively close deals with prospects.  Use these scripts as a guide to get started…