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Okay, after about 43 bagillion emails from loyal readers of The REI Brain… we’ve finally added a page on property management software reviews our site directly dedicated to ONLY property management software reviews that we’ve done.

To date we’ve done a big handful of reviews based on requests from readers all the way from lower end property management software like Real Tools , Quicken Rental Property Manager , etc… to mid-range software such as Landlord Max and Tenant File … to online based solutions like Buildium , iRealtymanager , Rentec Direct , and others.

Browse Our Landlord Software Reviews Below(some have discount links):

Below our property manager software reviews are broken up into price range and our recommendation for the number of units it is best suited for… as well as the name of the product.  Keep in mind that many of the software programs will physically handle many more units than we suggest… but our “unit” suggestions are based on how many we feel it will best handle taking into consideration:

  • The features of the product and whether it will handle the tasks that goes with managing that number of units
  • The record keeping capabilities for that many units
  • The ease of use as you scale it to manage more and more units

… and other factors.

Here are the reviews… enjoy 🙂

Browse By Price Range:

$0 – $100:

$100 – $200:

$200 – $400: (currently working on more reviews in this pricerange)

$400-$1,000+: (coming soon… please send in your review requests)

Browse By Number Of Units We Suggest It Is Best For:

Keep in mind, all property management software is subjective… so what we feel will handle only 10 units comfortably… may actually handle many more units for your needs.  What we suggest is to go through all of our reviews in your price range and try the free trials and find out what’s best for you.

1-10 Units:

11-50 Units (or less):

50-100 Units (or less):

100+ Units (or less):

Browse By Software Name:

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