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3 Simple YouTube Video Marketing Tips To Add “Layers Of Optimization”

“Help! My YouTube videos are not ranking even though I am optimizing my title, description, and tags!” Is that you? Do you have some videos up on YouTube but they’re just not pulling any good rankings in Google and not getting you any extra leads? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a pretty darn common […]

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YouTube Real Estate Marketing Tricks: Video Optimization To Get Leads

YouTube Real Estate Investing Marketing doesn’t have to be tough, but if you want it to generate leads, you’d better optimize… we’ll show you how. Why use YouTube for real estate marketing in addition to having a real estate investor website? If a picture is worth a thousand words, a YouTube real estate video is worth […]

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Real Estate Investors, Content isn’t Everything… Here’s What Matters Most

Even though I love content marketing for real estate investing, I really hate the word “content”. It’s dumb. Makes it seem like just filler. Crank up another blog post, stuff it in the que, and onto the next one. Here’s what matters most in business (and life) WAY more than just “content”: value. You have to […]

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This One Skill is the Most Important for Real Estate Investor Marketing

Does your real estate marketing tell a story, or are you just advertising? After all, stories are the most powerful tool of communication, in business and in life. Humans communicate best through stories. How good are your storytelling skills? Besides reading this post, what are you doing to develop those skills? If you’re like most […]

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7 Ways You Can Grow Your Real Estate Business This Weekend

Trying to grow your real estate business can be a challenge at any stage. We get it. Man oh man, do we get it. One thing that the folks who aren’t succeeding all seem to have in common: they’ve convinced themselves that something is holding them back from success. In most cases, it’s something other than […]

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