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bounce rate for real estate investors websites

Does The Bounce Rate On Your Website Really Matter?

At least a half dozen times a week I get emails from our  subscribers asking a question like… “I see my bounce rate is 72% and that seems high. Is it? And does the bounce rate on my website really matter?” First off… you may be wondering what a “bounce rate” for a real estate […]

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press releases real estate investors marketing

8 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Get Great Results from Press Releases

 Have you heard how real estate investors are getting great results online from press releases? Today’s post will explain how it works and what you can do to take advantage of this classic media tool, updated and refined for the modern age. 8. Generate New Leads Your customers are searching for help, and a press release […]

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How Investors Can Lower Real Estate Marketing and Lead Generation Costs by 62%

In today’s post we’re gonna show you some powerful statistics about real estate marketing and online lead generation, plus some great ideas that you can start implementing right away. You’ve probably heard about Inbound vs Outbound marketing in the past, but just in case, let me tell you why this is so relevant to any […]

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Internet Marketing Strategy for Acquisitions

This is the 6th post in a series on building your real estate portfolio with an Expert Community Resource strategy –  Here is Part 1. In the last post I talked about strategic ways to work with non-profits in your community to help provide healthy growth for your business and your neighbors. One of the suggestions […]

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How to Tell if You’re Wasting Lots of Money on Marketing

First, a short self-assessment: Are you getting emails every day from people who want you to buy their property at a sharp discount? Are investors offering to give you their cash for mutual profit? Are motivated buyers paying full price for what you’re selling? Is your website making you money or just another expense? If […]

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