Real Estate Investing Course Reviews

You’ve heard the story… I studied free real estate investing resources for almost 2 years before I ever bought my first property. Sounded like a great idea at the time… find free real estate investing info online… learn it… and become a real estate millionaire in no time flat (it didn’t happen that way… that’s for sure).

What I quickly learned (well, I guess not so quickly) was that most of the free information online on real estate investing is either crap, outdated, rehashed stuff, or half truths aimed at teasing you to buy an expensive product. Nothing wrong with that, people have the right to sell their information… and one of the best ways to sell is to tell you ALMOST everything you need to know… so you are killed with curiosity so much that you buy the course or boot camp.

But… I don’t roll that way. Which is why I created The REI Brain. I’m working on building it up to be the best source for complete, unbiased, pitch-free, actionable, and honest source of real estate investing information and guidance…

… however, I’m not an expert at everything… and there are some very honest guru’s out there who truly have great programs and courses that are truly the BEST way to get started the right way in that area. Plain and simple… free information is great… but there are some paid resources (courses, books, bootcamps, etc.) that will help you get where you want to go MUCH faster… and actually MUCH cheaper (people don’t value their time as much as they should).

So… I’ve compiled the best courses, books, bootcamps, etc. on this page based on my grading criteria. If I don’t think it is:

  • Extremely high value for the money
  • Immediately actionable and complete
  • Completely honest and from a very trustworthy source
  • The best way for you to master this area

… then I don’t want to recommend it to you. You can rest assured that I will never sell out for a quick buck.

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Landlording / Income Property Resources

Short Sale Real Estate Resources

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