Behind The Data: Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Ramp Up Your Online Motivated Seller Leads

Just like with farming, seasons matter in business.

If you own a ski resort… seasons matter big time.

If you are a landscaper… seasons matter.

And if you are a real estate investor or agent… seasons matter.

A few months back I wrote a blog post about the seasonality of real estate investor leads and the volume of online searches that motivated house sellers, cash buyers, tenants, etc. make each month during the holiday months.

In that post I laid out the data and the stats showing the common “dip” in searches in the holiday months for people looking to sell their house… and the increase in those online searches in the spring and summer months.

Now, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of deals to be had in the winter months. So, don’t look at the data and think that you can’t do deals in the holiday months. That’s not what this is about. It’s about…

Realizing There Is “Lead Gen” Seasonality In The Real Estate Flipping / Wholesaling Business and Preparing For The…

… dips and the climbs.

Take for instance the quick chart below that we pulled up a week ago.

Motivated Seller Searches In 2014: 11 Popular Highly Motivated House Seller Searches Online… The Trend

motivated house seller searches online 2015

Motivated House Seller Seaches: This is the average motivated house seller online searches of just 11 common highly motivated seller searches sellers make online. Notice the data from 2014… and the slight climb to a peak in summer in searches. Then another climb in fall before the holiday dip.

Now take a look at these ones below that are a bit more drilled down on specific keyword phrases that we know motivated sellers are typing into Google each month.

(at the end of this post I’ll show you something really cool that we’re seeing… and how it’s indicating that 2015 is going to be a GREAT year for an increase in motivated seller searches online. So read this whole article and let me know your thoughts in the comments section)

We buy houses” Type Searches: Spring And Summer Increase

motivated sellers we buy houses phrase

It’s February… Are you preparing right now to capture the higher motivated seller lead search volume in the spring and summer? If you don’t have a website, right now is the time to get one up and started. If you do have a website, now’s the time to get things ramped up.

“Sell house fast” Type Phrases: Spring Bump with Late Summer Increase

sell house fast seo phrases

Getting The Picture Now? Getting your website up and rolling and optimized… or getting a real marketing plan in place and executing it RIGHT NOW is an ideal time to get rolling so you can capture the late spring and summer increase… which likely means a higher chance of more deals.

“I buy houses” Type Phrases: Seeing A Similar Spring And Summer Bump And Fall Slump

i buy houses seo keyword searches

Pretty Consistent w/ a Slight Bump In Spring / Summer

“We buy houses in [location]” Type Phrases: But For Just Portland, Atlanta, Houston, and Pittsburgh

real estate investing seo

Even More Dramatic Spring / Summer Bump: When you go hyper-local… where the motivated seller includes their city in the search (which most sellers do), the increase likely coming up in spring and summer 2015 become even more apparent.

Last… from our own Google Analytics account for 2014.

Spring / Summer Traffic Ramp From Our Own 2014 Google Analytics Account

investor carrot results

Further Proof… We can look at Googles data all day long, but how about actual Google Analytics data from our own account for our members real state investor websites in 2014.

You get the idea.

Those charts above show just a few of the dozens and dozens of seo search phrases motivated house sellers are typing in… that real estate investors should want to get in front of.

In fact, our members are generating over 10,000 opt in leads per month (that doesn’t count the thousands of phone call leads per month to their Carrot real estate investor websites as well). So we’re constantly helping our customers position themselves in front of the online traffic to increase their chances of generating more motivated seller leads and more deals.

The SEO Search Data Is Great… But Why Is NOW A Great Time To Get Things Rolling?

Over the past year we’ve been tracking the organic search engine rankings of many of our members’ real estate investing websites. This goes from motivated house seller websites, to cash buyer websites, to note buyer websites, rent to own websites, etc.

This is a mix of real estate investors and agents who are both implementing our “lead generation” training… and the ones who decided to hire someone to do their SEO or PPC for them.

Take a look at some of these charts below that show how long it *may* take in some markets to get your SEO rankings to improve enough to generate consistent leads online.

These pictures are from actual seo ranking increases for a few of our clients in some more competitive markets.

How Long Did Their SEO Take? 4 Months To Make A Major SEO Jump In This Competitive MD Market

seo timeline to rank a real estate investor website

4 Months And 20 Deals – This InvestorCarrot client used our 3 Lead Per Day Training to get her website ranked high in Google. She’s in a more competitive market and it took about 4 months to get onto page 1… another few months to get in the top 2 results. She’s done 20+ deals with her website through SEO to date.

And another…

How Long Did Their SEO Take? About 3-5 Months In A Competitive Alabama Market

seo rankings timeline rei

Similar To Above – This client is in a very competitive market for motivated seller searches as well. He hired someone to do his SEO and PPC for him. It took 3-5 months of solid SEO work to get into a top position in Google in his market. Now he’s generating a lead per day and closing deals consistently through his online marketing.

Last one…

How Long Did Their SEO Take? About 2-3 Months In A Competitive California Market

how long does seo take

They Had A Jumpstart – This InvestorCarrot customer was already ranking near page 1 in Google for a competitive search phrase for motivated seller leads when he hired one of our Preferred Carrot Partners from our Marketplace. Within 2-3 months his ranking improved to the top of page 1 for this search phrase and he’s closed 4+ deals from his Carrot site since.

The Average Time It May Take To Rank Well In Most Markets Is About 3-5 Months When You’re Doing SEO

I’ve seen websites rank in the top 3 spots in Google WAY faster than that in less competitive markets (within weeks)… I’ve seen some take way longer. But what we always like to say is that if you’re implementing SEO right (the way we teach) or hire someone who knows what they’re doing… in most markets you should see a dramatic improvement within 3-5 months.

From there, it may take another few months in competitive markets to get to the top of page 1… sometimes longer.

But, all this to say… if the average is 3-5 months to see an SEO boost… and it’s the end of February right now… that puts you into May – July/August to improve your rankings and capture that increase in online searches from motivated sellers.

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