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Hey, my name is Trevor and I'm the founder of The REI Brain and a real estate investor since the age of 21. Right now, my focus in real estate investing is multi-family income properties and I have plans on moving more into the commercial real estate investment world in 2008 and beyond. All in all... I created this site to provide new and struggling real estate investors truly unbiased, timely, detailed, and comprehensive resources to help you succeed in real estate investing and life!
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rentec direct

Rentec Direct Online Property Management Software Review – Free Software

In-depth review of Rentec Direct, a free web based property management software that came out in late ’08… the good, the bad, the free! Check it out <<<

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Nathan Jurewicz Review – Short Sale Riches Course In-depth Review

In-depth review of the Short Sale Riches course by Nathan Jurewicz. The good… the bad… and my candid take on whether or not it’s worth your money. Check it out…

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strategic real estate coach

Excellent Short Sale Real Estate Investing Courses – 2 Reviews

Hey, the other day a reader of our newsletter named Pete shot us an email asking about the best short sale courses out there. Well… it’s kinda funny timing but I already had a review of a short sale course set to come out this week… and the second short sale course thats in this […]

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Landlords 5 Day Eviction Notice Free Form

Here’s this weeks Landlord form for ya. As a landlord myself, I know that sometimes it takes a bit of a nudge to a non paying tenant to get them to pay their rent. This is where the 5 Day Eviction Notice comes in. Send the 5 Day notice to your tenants to give them […]

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Private Money Blueprint – Free Videos

Check out our first video in our series called the “Private Money Blueprint”. We’re put out these free videos to help you get private money in todays tough financing market… a must watch!

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