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Why You Don’t Want A Google-Centric Approach

SEO for real estate investors can be a great source of leads – but it’s not a goose laying golden eggs. Too many investors are approaching it from the wrong mindset. They’re treating SEO like a magic solution to their marketing problems, and that’s leading them to focus on the wrong things. It’s making them […]

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5 Times When You Should NOT use SEO for Real Estate Marketing

Trying to decide if SEO is a good strategy for marketing your real estate business? This post will help you. SEO for real estate marketing can be a great source for lead generation, but there are some situations where it’s a terrible waste of time and money. Here’s when NOT to use SEO for Real Estate […]

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Why The “2 Step Opt In Process” Increases Conversions and Lead Quality By Up To 46% On Real Estate Investor Websites

(Over at our sister company Carrot, this stuff is baked right into our sites, and our prices are so low that it’s impossible to do it cheaper yourself… if you’re not already a member, head over and check out our demo right now). Today we’re gonna show ya the exact trick that improved conversions by 46% […]

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Acquisitions and Negotiations with Richard Montaño, CEO of LIV Capital Group

Acquisitions and Negotiations are tough for a lot of investors, especially those just starting off or looking to grow their business. Recently I got the chance to talk strategy with Richard Montaño, CEO of LIV Capital Group. LIV was founded in 2009 and has managed over $100 million in real estate investments in just a […]

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Do you have a Real Estate Acquisition Strategy?

Most real estate investors don’t have a strategy, because most investors only own a couple of properties. The most successful investors definitely have a specific strategy. Do you? It’s not a flippant question… it’s pretty serious, really, when you think about it. After all, your investment strategy is the one that’s going to guide you […]

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