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Inbound Marketing Can Produce High ROI

How to generate leads for real estate

As a real estate investor you know that generating leads are the life blood of your business. Without leads, it can be stressful finding where your next deal is going to come from. The traditional way of how to generate leads for real estate is taking out classified ads in papers, direct mail, and networking. […]

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Ninja Tricks for Real Estate Marketing: Conversions, Heroes, and Sliders

Conversion is the key to online lead generation. The whole point of your real estate website marketing is to get a lead, right? 🙂 This post will show you the secret of conversions. If you understand conversion, you know how to make a sale. You “convert” a person from a visitor to your website into a […]

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Real Estate Marketing: How to post property on 20 big sites at once for free

Real estate marketing is about more than just selling property, but selling property is a critical, fundamental skill that you need to succeed in this business. And yet, so many folks jump into real estate without any clue how to sell property. They wanna get listings, and they wanna buy inventory to flip… but they don’t […]

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Real Estate Investor Marketing: 6 Ways to Make PPC & SEO deliver ROI

Real estate investor marketing with PPC and SEO can be extremely expensive, but when it’s well-managed the ROI can be insanely good. Want to know what makes the difference between a giant suck-hole of lost cash versus a good investment? Seriously, we *hate* to see people wasting tons of money on PPC – or anywhere else, […]

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How Real Estate Investors Can Dominate Local Search to get 58.2% of Motivated Seller Traffic

Want to dominate your local market? In this week’s post we want to share a few of the strategies already being used by top investors around the country to get the majority of Motivated Seller leads in their local markets to them (instead of their competitors). Of course, these strategies can be used to get […]

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