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3 Simple YouTube Video Marketing Tips To Add “Layers Of Optimization”

“Help! My YouTube videos are not ranking even though I am optimizing my title, description, and tags!” Is that you? Do you have some videos up on YouTube but they’re just not pulling any good rankings in Google and not getting you any extra leads? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a pretty darn common […]

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6 Simple Tips To Master Location-Based SEO And Skyrocket To The Top of Search Engine Results

In the early days of the web (the “caveman days” when we were still rubbing two sticks together to make websites out of html) there was a land rush on high level domain names of one or two-words for really general phrases. Things like “” and “” as an example. At the time, targeting search […]

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16 Point Real Estate Investor Website Conversion Rate Checklist

There are two core elements to generating qualified leads online for your real estate investing business. Whether you’re a wholesaler, flipper, buy and hold investor / landlord, rent to own, note buyer, even self-storage… the lifeblood of your online lead generation hinge on these 2 elements. Traffic – Getting qualified people to your website Conversion […]

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7 Youtube SEO Optimization Tips For Real Estate Investors & Agents

Do you see your competition ranking their Youtube videos at the top of Google for the search terms you want to rank for? Like This?… In this post we’ll show you some Youtube SEO optimization tips that you can implement in your real estate investing or agent companies. The short-term things are actions you can […]

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The Content Marketing Pyramid For Real Estate: More Results With Less Work

Content marketing has been around as long as marketing has been around. And that’s a LOOOOONNNNNGGG time. In fact, back before the internet, TV, radio, telephone, newspapers, and the USPS… content marketing was about all there was to sell your wares. You had some chickens, you were there in the market talking up why your […]

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