Free Download: Employment Verification Form Letter

Here’s one more form to help landlords with their tenant background checks.

This Employment Verification Letter is a standard form letter sent to the tenant’s current and/or previous place of employment asking for an employment history. The tenant must give approval for this information to be retrieved and that permission is a part of this form letter.

Even though you’re making it easy for the employer to just fill out the form and send it back, there might be some followup necessary on your part. But it will be worthwhile if you do the research and know you’re getting a reliable tenant.

As always, our attorneys make us say it… these forms are for reference only and you should always pass any forms you use for your business by a competent attorney in your local area to make sure they jive with all state, federal, and local law.

Download free Employment Verification Form Letter

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Download Employment Verification Form Version 1

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