How to Deal With Tenant Evictions

Recently we asked a group of investors a few questions we seem to hear frequently, so we could get a little feedback to share with you since you were probably asking some of the same questions. We picked through the responses to share the best of the best with you. :-)

One of the questions we asked was…

What are the best and most creative ways to deal with tenant evictions without having to hire an attorney and pay legal fees?

Ryan Michael Bush’s answer…

What I’ve done in the past when a tenant is giving me grief is offer to just pay the tenant to move. Usually about 1-1.5 month’s rent does the trick and I have an absolute 100% success rate with this tactic. The big reason it works so well is because you’re taking away what is most likely their primary reason for staying: the money, while at the same time saving yourself a world of headache and possible legal fees. It’s like my Mentor always told me…When all else fails, write a check!

Ryan Michael Bush is a real estate investor internet marketing expert. He started his career in marketing and investing at the age of 26. He personally managed one of the top real estate businesses in the country. Recently he has become a highly sought after internet marketing and REI instructor to thousands and personal consultant to hundreds of successful investors.
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3 Responses to “How to Deal With Tenant Evictions”

  1. Aktar Thaker December 27, 2012 at 5:06 pm #

    By adopting this approach of “paying off” the tenant to vacate rather than taking the legal steps to evict, are we not encouraging the bad tenant to expect the same elsewhere as a means to vacate? Legal eviction is a painful process no doubt but the eviction is on record and helps other landlords from not entertaining such potential tenant’s lease applications.

  2. Jim Senner December 30, 2012 at 12:49 pm #

    Paying tenant to leave should be the absolute last resort. You don’t need a lawyer for most evictions. In NC it is just a matter of filling out two forms. Yes, it will take a little time to get them out but certainly not more than a month or month and a half’s worth of rent he is proposing to bribe the tenant. It takes roughly 10 days to get a hearing then another 10 for them to appeal (which they never do because they would have to deposit the amount of the judgment). Then you can get your writ and they usually are out before then. If you have to get a writ it costs another $30 or so but you can then take it to the sheriff who will execute it within a week, often sooner if you ask nicely. I think the key to successful evictions is that once you make up your mind to pull the trigger do so swiftly and don’t be delayed by more tenant promises.

  3. Maureen Montoya January 6, 2013 at 12:50 pm #

    How hard is it the eviction process in San Bernardino, CA. If I were to do it myself?

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