Remodeling Ideas for Kitchens and Baths

People that “fix and flip” houses know – or should know – that certain areas need more attention than others, primarily the kitchen and bathrooms. Kitchens are often a harder, or more expensive, area to remodel and a house will sell faster if the customer likes the kitchen as it is. Here are two things to consider adding into your kitchen ready to wow a buyer:

1. Special function areas like pantry space, recycling centers, and an electronic area for a computer and recharging mobile devices. These reflect how many people live or want to live and having these areas built in would make the home owner’s life easier.

2. Sustainable building materials like natural wood cabinets, renewable material flooring and counter tops, and water filtration systems. Homeowners are researching, learning, and finding better materials to use.

A recent survey from the American Institute of Architects indicates that upscale kitchen items are no longer in demand. So when you are remodeling, skip the double islands, wine storage areas, and duplicate appliances; especially since kitchen sizes are staying the same or getting smaller.

Forget the upscale items in the bathrooms as well. Having a towel warming rack or steam shower won’t be a deal clincher. What would be a great selling point is incorporating universal design features in the bathroom to make it comfortable for any age, from grade school to older people with slight disabilities. It’s also a good idea to make the bathroom a bit larger if possible.

Some items that are being looked for in bathrooms are water conserving toilets, doorless showers or hand showers, and LED lighting.

Overall, think of making the kitchen and bathroom functional and accessible for many different ages. What can you build in to make life in that house easier? It will help you “flip” the house faster and even help the next owner sell it easier years later.

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  1. Ron Geary May 19, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    OK I just looked at a house that I would like to fix and flip or wholesale. I tell my agent that here is my offer. She asks, what name do you want in the buyers position. I tell her 123 main st land trust. Then I am told that the bank will not let the property be assignned. What next? There has not been a guru address this issue to my satisfaction. In all of the courses , everything goes as smoothly as cornsilk. I m at the point that I will not invest in anya other program. aThe gurus need to break it down even further . Thanks for letting me spout off.


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