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Long Road Ahead for Real Estate Market Recovery

Don’t let the reports fool you…many factors have to improve, such as smaller housing inventory and more companies hiring, before our real estate markets can make a rebound.

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Real Estate Investing – Generating Motivated Seller Leads In Today’s Market

If you’re having difficulty generating seller’s leads in today’s real estate market, learn some tips from real estate expert Rob Swanson. Discover where to find the great deals and how to motivate people to sell. <<

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December 2008 Real Estate Market Statistics and Indicators

Here’s your December 2008 real estate market statistics outlining the trends and strength of the real estate market as of December. Enjoy!

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July 2008 Local Real Estate Market Statistics and Indicators

July is almost gone and here are the local real estate market statistics and indicators for real estate markets around the United States. Nothing has changed too big from June to July… but you will see an overall trend that all in all housing prices are staying relatively constant and falling slightly in most cities.  […]

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Cracking Your Local Real Estate Investment Properties Market – Expert Tips

If you want to invest in real estate successfully, you need to do your research and avoid cheap properties or speculation. You also need to invest in the long term for the best success in growing your investment empire. If you want to start investing in local real estate investment properties, take some advice from […]

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