Update Your Website: Top 5 Places To Look For Content Inspiration

Content-Driven WebsitesDo you have a website? If you’re serious about creating the life you want from the business we’re in, then the only appropriate answer is yes. No serious business can be without a website in today’s market place.

Is it bringing you the connections and results that you want and expect? Here’s where things get tricky, because the honest answer to this question is all to often “no.” Too many professional websites are performing well below expectations. And all to often the problem is simply lack of content.

Once upon at time, the average REI professional could expect to have a website built and then never have to think about it except for the occasional update or tweak. Those days, if they ever truly existed, are over. Most business owners with static websites have never gotten the results they expected from their websites, while the owners of content driven websites have always enjoyed higher search engine rankings and return visitors.

Make Your Website Work For You

A website with few pages that are never updated will fail to find a solid place in the search engines, will attract few (if any) return visitors and will not gain any traction in social media. We’ve entered the age of the content driven website and your website needs to catch up or get left far, far behind.

You need to update your website regularly with quality content that is relevant to your target market and focused on your goals. That’s pretty much the only way to legitimately win at the web. You need to have content for sustained success.

To continuously and consistently come up with new things to put on your website can seem daunting and unrealistic at first blush. But it truly doesn’t have to be because in most cases you aren’t really creating new information, but just repackaging what you already have. You’ll find ideas everywhere once you start looking for them.

Now, your actual content is going to vary depending on what your real estate investment goals are. Your site is going to feature different content if you are looking to find and attract motivated sellers than if you are looking for tenants for your commercial spaces. So remember to evaluate everything based on whether it’s relevant to your specific target market.

  1. Your desk/briefcase – What are you working on now that you’re ready to share with the world? New properties to show off, buildings you have vacancies in, a new partnership?
  2. Your bookshelf – What books are you reading now? What has inspired you in the past? Make a recommendation to your audience and ask for their favorites.
  3. Your local news or even celebrity news – What are people in your area talking about? Are there ways to make it relevant or tie it in to your business?
  4. Your trophy shelf – Whether your wins were recent or a while ago, revisiting the winning experience and the lessons learned on the way to the top always make a good story.
  5. Your life – What sparked your interest in real estate investing? What was your first purchase? What acquisition made you the proudest? Which property is your favorite? What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the business? Share your stories and the content will certainly flow.

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