Writing Winning Listings on Free Real Estate Listing Sites

When writing your real estate listings, first find something that sets your property apart. With this in mind, create a great headline, and write a main listing that includes bulleted lists and paragraphs. Be sure to include the best photos you can.

Free real estate listing sites are a great option for investors, because the price is right and many of these sites are so easy to use. Simply type up a listings, upload it, and wait for the phone to ring. Unfortunately, many real estate investors are disappointed by the results their listings generate. Here are some ways you can boost response rates for your listings and ads:

1) Find a point of interest. Many listings on free real estate listing sites read exactly the same, and this creates a problem: once a buyer has read several of these ads, they tend to all mesh together and it becomes hard for the reader to remember any of them. To write a listing, you need something that will set you and your properties apart. To find this something, you may need to dig deep in order to find something that makes your property unique. Is it the only property in an area that offers a specific amenity? Is the home the oldest or the newest in the area? Any such item may be a good “hook.”

2) Write a catchy headline. The headline or tagline of your listing is likely the hardest item to write, but it is also the most important. You need to create a truthful and catchy headline that makes readers want to read your whole ad. Look to create a clear and simple headline. You may need to fiddle with the headline for some time before you get it right, but it is time well invested. Make sure your ad offers some benefit for the reader – a low price, a great location, or a special amenity.

3) Work on the body of your listings. You can write the body of your listing in bullet form or in paragraph form. Even if most of your listing is written in sentences and paragraphs, do add bullet points for the basic information about the property – including number of bedrooms, size of the property, and so forth. These basic facts are items that readers usually scan, and you can make that easier on your readers with short bullet items. Also, it’s hard to make the number of bedrooms sound exciting, so a bulleted list is most appropriate. For bulleted lists, use concise language. Write your descriptive paragraphs using your most persuasive style.

4) Include great photos. Great photos that reinforce your main message are best. For example, if you are selling a home that has historical value, zero in on unique features such as gate posts or beautiful brick walls. Always include as many high-quality photos as free real estate listing sites permit.

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