Your SEO Competition is Winning Because of this Secret

Want to know what the leading real estate investors are doing to stay at the top of SEO rankings in their local market?

Surprisingly, it doesn’t even take much time, effort or knowledge.

It doesn’t even cost a lot of money.

In fact, it’s pretty darn easy.

But most people won’t do it.

So what’s the secret?

Here’s a hint – it’s been used for decades by elite power brokers, Fortune 500 executives, Hollywood celebrities, politicians, even super successful doctors and lawyers.

It worked before the internet.

But it works even better now.

In fact, the consulting giant McKinsey and Co estimated in a 2012 report that using technology to drive this secret would add an estimated $600-900 billion to the US economy.

But tough news, folks… that income will NOT be evenly distributed. Not even close.

A very unfair share of those billions of dollars will go to top income earners, those at the top of the heap… the ones who know how to use this secret to profit.

This secret is so well hidden that it’s right out there in plain sight. The media covers it all the time. In fact, the entire media as it exists today is built upon this secret.

And yet, the vast majority of the public has no idea how to do it.

Have you guessed yet?

Give up?

It’s called social leverage – and it can make your SEO results soar off the charts, if you know how to do it right.

I’ll tell you how in just a second, but first I want to make sure you know what I’m talking about.

Leverage, as the dictionary defines it, is “influence or power used for a desired result”. Social leverage is when you use someone else’s reputation to enhance your own position.

Social leverage is kinda like “networking”, except it works.

It’s not a crummy group of people trying to sell vitamins and insurance to each other by trading business cards at the Chamber of Commerce meeting.

It’s a very strategic set of moves that results in huge profits.

Let’s take a quick look at how a sample real estate investor is using social leverage to drive her business forward with SEO. We’ll call her Jill.

  1. Jill wants a website with a very specific niche in her market. Even though her business deals with rehabs, flips
    , wholesaling and holds, she wants a whole new site (because she knows that search engines dramatically favor specialty and niche) that will generate leads for rent-to-own buyers looking for property.
  2. She uses InvestorCarrot to set up her site, because it comes with a ton of core content on the site already set up, including tested and proven squeeze pages, articles maximized for SEO based on the latest research, and much more for a very low price.
  3. Jill invests about 10 hours of her time (each month) adding a ton of fresh and relevant content for her site by piggybacking off of what’s already been written online that’s specific to her market. She moves fast by relying heavily on other people’s work, but she doesn’t steal. She quotes from a lot of sources (and links back to the original work), only adding short amounts of commentary to each article. Her goal is to get as much content up as possible, but she wants to make it directly relevant and useful information that speaks directly to the audience. In about six months when her site has grown enough revenue, she plans to add a virtual assistant to take care of the time she spends.
  4. Once each post is published, she sends a link to the article back to the folks who are quoted in it – some are local brokers, lenders and other professionals who rarely get any press coverage, so they really appreciate the “mentions” on her page. In fact, most of them share Jill’s stories with their clients, who pass it along to friends looking for property… Jill’s list of prospective buyers grows fast, along with her reputation.
  5. As she connects with more influential people, Jill starts to interview them for custom content on her blog – and builds real relationships with each person she meets. Some of them send her sweetheart deals on just the kind of investment property she wants to buy, along with direct referrals to desperate sellers who want to unload valuable property for cheap.
  6. While Jill is spending just a few hours each month on her blog, all the links and shares have helped her site to grow to #1 on search rankings in her local market – plus she’s developed additional deal flow and added more cash to her bottom line – within just a few months.

Of course, there are lots of other tricks to social leverage that can benefit your rankings. We’ve been studying this stuff for years, and soon we’ll be giving away some in-depth secrets that are used by the elite.

In every market, the top players benefit from tight networks that generate powerful referrals, sweetheart deals, and amazing profits.

I started InvestorCarrot to help real estate investors generate real leads for their business – way over 80,000 so far, and counting.  Our customized websites are optimized for online social leverage, SEO and much, much more.

Even better, every InvestorCarrotmembership includes tons of amazing free trainings and loads of tools to help you grow your business.

We’re madly passionate about creating huge value for our customers.

Want to learn more about how we can grow your business, save you time, and make you crazy amounts of cash?

Sign up now at – and don’t wait, cause we’re raising prices soon. But don’t worry, all existing customers will get to keep their prices for life.

Oh wait – one more important thing: Coming up soon, we’ll be increasing the social leverage of some of our most valuable customers by profiling their successes, including details of exactly how they’ve achieved their results.

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