5 Tips for Increasing Your Home Value

Many homeowners are opting to renovate or add on to their current home rather than risk selling for a loss.

But how do you know which projects will increase your home’s value? Will you earn the money back if you do all this work? Will renovating help your house sell faster?

Here are 5 tips for increasing your home’s value:

1. Choose improvements that will lower maintenance bills. Replacing old vinyl siding is worthwhile if it prevents water from leaking or heat from escaping.

2. Lower heating and cooling bills with window replacement. The intital cost of replacing old drafty windows can be daunting but this is a long term investment in your home when you look at your home heating and cooling bills over the next few years.

3. Recoup almost 71% of your costs to remodel a bathroom. Not only do bathroom remodels improve the aesthetics of your home but it’s also a chance to check for dangerous mold and repair leaking pipes.

4. Composite decking lowers maintenance costs. Many homeowners are entertaining more frequently at home and building a composite deck adds extra entertaining square footage to their homes. Composite materials are nearly maintenance free as compared to wood decks, which need annual power washing and staining.

5. Basement renovations increase square footage of living and entertaining space. If you can’t add on to the main levels of your home, then renovating downward is a good investment. Expect to earn back close to 73% of your initial investment.

If you’re a die hard do-it-yourself-er and are thinking of renovating and then flipping your house, check out these secrets of flipping houses for profit.

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