Free Pet Agreement Form for Rental Properties

It’s your choice as a rental property owner or manager to allow or not allow pets in your rental properties. For myself, it depends on the property, the unit, and the specific pet the tenant wants to bring in. If you do allow pets in your rental units be sure to have a pet agreement form written up and signed by the tenants that lay out the “rules of the land” regarding having their pet in the unit.

Some great clauses to add into a pet agreement may include a pet deposit, instructions on how to keep the premises with a pet on them (cleanliness), instructions and policies that lay out fines/penalties for pet droppings left on the rental property common areas, etc.

Anyhow, if you don’t already have a good pet agreement form you can download and use the free pet agreement form below.

As always, our attorneys make us say it… these forms are for reference only and you should always pass any forms you use for your business by a competent attorney in your local area to make sure they jive with all state, federal, and local law.

Download the Free Pet Agreement For for Rental Properties

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Download Pet Agreement Form Version 1

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