How To Search Bank’s REO Inventories Online

Hey, Patrick Riddle here, Faculty Member at The REI Brain.

I’ve got an awesome resource for ya that you can use to search a bank’s REO inventory online.

I shot a video to show you the process step-by-step… and how I found a local bank with $27 million in REO property.

Check out the video below (and resource links below the video)…

Here’s the link to the FDIC website where you can search bank’s REO inventories.

Leave your comments and questions below.
Happy Investing!

– Patrick Riddle
Faculty Member at The REI Brain

P.S. – Want to learn more about Bulk REO?

As I mentioned in the video, I learned about this awesome resource from Susan Lassiter-Lyons… and she has an in-depth video where you’ll learn 6 simple steps to a $50,000 payday buying, flipping, or brokering Bulk REO.
It’s definitely worth checking out.

Click the link above… and enjoy :-)


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