Real Estate Niche Markets: Ugly Homes

Have you ever walked into an investment property and just wondered, “What were they thinking?” This recent article showcases some of the strangest home “improvements” (and I use that term VERY loosely!) that got me shaking my head.

But then as I continued reading the article I thought about how brilliant it was for the company HomeVestors to create a business model and franchise opportunities specifically targeting these “ugly homes.”

In any type of business it’s imperative to know your market and to choose a niche. It’s hard being everything to everybody so don’t even try. Choosing a niche and becoming an expert in that field is what will build your credibility and your sales.

And HomeVestors appears to have followed that premise quite successfully. They have almost 200 independently owned and operated franchises in 33 states and are known for buying “ugly homes,” aka those homes in need of serious repair.

What niche are you targeting in your business? What makes you unique? Answering these questions will help you focus on reaching your target market and reaching your goals.

Remember to check out the photo gallery! These will serve as a very strong reminder of how a bad home improvement will ruin the value of a home very quickly. And check out our article about home improvements that will add value to any home.

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