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Thanks to you, our vigilant readers, who left comments about what management systems you wanted reviewed, we’re starting to film product reviews more regularly. As always, you’ll get real and unbiased reviews from me so you can make the best decision about which product is best for your business.

Information overload will only halt your business growth so let me sort through the information for you and give you only the facts you need to help grow and organize your business.

So, this week readers have asked us to review RentoMeter Pro web based property management software.

Here’s the structure of the Rentometer Pro review:

  1. Quick look at the software
  2. Video review
  3. The pros and cons of RentometerPro
  4. My overall impression of the software
  5. My grade

That’s about it… check out the video below of my Rentometer Pro review and see if it’s the right property management software for you! By the way, I think this is best for between 10 to 20 units … if you have more than 10 units you might want to look at our reviews for LandlordMax or Tenant File 6.0.


Quick Look At RentometerPro Property Management System

My overall impression is that the software is a good solid software, has a great user interface, has an awesome “dashboard”, looks great, and does what it’s supposed to do.

Here’s a quick look:

  • Web based property management software
  • Monthly subscription priced
  • Can house unlimited units at the highest membership level (but I think the software is best for under 20 units)
  • Very slick and attractive user interface
  • Here’s their website for a free trial <<

RentometerPro Property Management System Video Review

– Click the play button to start the video. Running Time: about 21 minutes

**If you’re having trouble viewing the video above, follow the link below to watch it directly at the video hosting site:

>> Click Here to View Video if You Can’t View It Above <<

Here’s the link to try RentometerPro for 14-days Free of Charge. <<

“Cliff Notes” Version of My RentometerPro Property Management System Review

Here it is… overall I liked Rentometer Pro; however, as with most products, there are some things I really liked and some things that could use some improvements.

The Pros: (what I like a lot!)

  • Web-based program which means no software to download to your computer.
  • You can login from any computer, even while on vacation.
  • Great clean dashboard graphics make it easy to read and analyze your business.
  • Tenants can login to their own membership area to send emails, maintenance requests, and rent payments.
  • Post online advertisements to Craigslist and other outlets just by logging in and clicking a few links.
  • Advanced dashboard option allows you to input the value of your property and how much equity you have as the loan is paid off.
  • Cool map view shows you where your properties are located and if any units are available for rent.
  • Great graphics throughout showing if properties have leases expiring, are vacant, or are filled.
  • Can add properties and new tenant names easily.
  • Easy to manage maintenance vendors.
  • Very easy to add rent payments in the Income and Expense section.
  • Can add late fees and mortgage payments so the software can track your loan value.
  • Good simple layout for the monthly income and expense reports.
  • (this is REALLY COOL)… Can send email or postal mail notices directly from software to your tenants. Which means no more licking stamps… just click send and a hard copy or email notice is sent to your tenants.

The Cons: (what Rentometer can improve)

  • No way to upload documents associated with each property, such as photos or pdf lease documents.
  • Income and Expense area is very basic; no specialized reporting features.
  • No drop down lists of regular vendors or tenant names to simplify the process even more.
  • No way to reconcile bank accounts from inside software; you’ll still need a software like Quickbooks.
  • Lacks ability to put in a lot of details about the properties, units, or tenants. Some people might not need this… but I like to be able to upload scans of my leases, pictures of a unit, scans of tenants license, etc.
  • Lacks any advanced reporting… just gives you the basic few reports.

My Overall Impression Of RentometerPro Property Management System

My overall impression of Rentometer Pro is that it is a good solid web based property management software that has a lot of potential to be one of the best with a few feature additions and upgrades.  Right now… Rentometer has the best user interface I’ve found as far as the ease of use and the main dashboard go… so I’ve got to give them big props for that.

However, for the price… it lacks some features I’d like to see that other comparatively priced software like Buildium currently has for a similar pricing structure.  I’d like to see like better reporting, more ability to enter and upload more detail about tenants/properties, etc, and would like some sort of way to reconcile bank accounts (I’m not sure if Buildium has this functionality either though… I don’t remember :-).

All in all, it’s a great software that if you’re looking for an online software you should at least get the free 14 day trial and see if it’s right for you.  Property management software is as individual as the user… what I love you may hate… and what I hate you may love just because our needs are different.

So, I would 100% suggest you check out their 14 day free trial (you don’t need a credit card to get the trial… it takes like 3 minutes to set up).  I’d suggest checking out our Buildium review and comparing the two… and pick the one that’s right for you… they’re both great software… just have a few differences that may swing you either way.

Rentometer is definitely better than Irealtymanager in my books… so pass up on that one.

One last note… Rentometer Pro says it can go unlimited units; however, in my opinion it’s great for less than 20 units simply because of the lack of reporting options and lack of ability to easily put in a lot of details about the property or tenants. If you have more than 20 units check out our reviews on LandlordMax and Tenant File softare… or even our review on Quicken Rental Manager 2009.

How Do I Grade It?? (out of 5)

Design: quicken rental property manager (5/5)
Affordability : (4/5)
Features: (3/5)
Ease of Use : (5/5)
Overall (1-10 Units): and 1/4  (4.25/5)

Take some time to fool around with Rentometer yourself with their free trial. The best way to know if a software is right for you is to try it yourself and see how easily you can integrate it into your business. You have nothing to lose!
Here’s the link:

>>> Try RentometerPro FREE for 14-Days <<<

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